Full Spectrum Intelligence

This unusual book has some important messages for the world today:

Intelligence is not about being "brainy" or "clever". It is about the way you behave in your life and work. If you behave wisely and well, you are intelligent. If not, you are not.

Intelligence is not just about your mind and emotions, important as these are. It is about the whole of you - your physical and spiritual intelligences, as well as your intuitive and social intelligences.

Whatever your starting point, you have the potential to become significantly more intelligence. That can change your life. This book shows you how to do this.

You also have "other senses" - such as your sense of quality, your sense of survival, and your sense of meaning - which are important parts of your intelligence. This book also shows how to improve these.

Intelligence means nothing if it is not practised. Therefore, there are chapters on how to bring intelligence into your life ("Less is Better") and into your work ("The Intelligent Organisation").